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water expansion is expansion of the body using water

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Q: What is water expansion?
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What is Anomalous expansion of water?

The expansion of water when it is cooled from four degree centigrade to zero degree centigrade is known as "anomalous expansion of water." The unusual behaviour of water, when it expands below 4° celsius to 0° is called anmalus expansion of water.

What are the dis advantages of anomalous expansion of water?

water pipes burst due to expansion of water in colder regions.

What is the purpose of main engine fresh water expansion tank?

to circulate water in fresh water tank to expansion talk.

What is the function of the expansion tank in a hot water heating system?

To allow for the expansion of heated thot water

What was the key to westward expansion?


Why water boils in expansion tank?

There shouldn't be just water in the expansion tank. If the coolant (50% anti-freeze and water) appears to be boiling in the expansion tank, you may have a bad head gasket or cracked head.

Is an expansion tank required for a tank less water heater?

No, an expansion tank is not required.

How the anomalous expansion of water will help in the conservation of Bio diversity?

the anomalous expansion of water is where water contracts from 0to 4 degrees and then expands.In winters when the large water bodies turn deadly cold,the anomalous expansion of water helps in freezing only the top layer of the water bodies so that the marine life can survive underneath.This is how the anomalous expansion of water is useful in conservation of bio diversity

Coefficient of volume expansion of water?


Which one among the following is responsible for the expansion of water in the ocean?

Gradual melting of polar ice is responsible for expansion of water inthe oceans.

What is the purpose of the expansion tank on a hot water heating system?

The expansion tank is used for back pressure affecting ur water heater

Water expands as it freezes can you define a coefficient of volume expansion for the freezing force?

The coefficient of the thermal expansion of water is equal to .00021. Water expands by 9% of its volume when it freezes.

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