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Energy is never created or destroyed, or at least to our knowledge :)

Energy just transforms into different types of energy, such as nuclear energy, electric energy, etc...

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Q: What kind of energy can not be created or distroied?
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What kind of energy is created by the movements of electrons?

This is the electrical current.

What kind of energy is wind?

Wind energy is kinetic energy, it is created by the force of air in motion.

The burning of wood creates what kind of energy?

Energy cannot be created. (Or destroyed) Burning changes the chemical energy of the wood to heat energy and light energy.

What is used to generate energy?

Energy can not be created or destroyed. Therefore, to "generate energy" you need some other kind of energy - you convert one type of energy into another.

What kind of energy is created from stirring Epsom salts into water?

This is the dissolution heat.

Which kind of energy is created when the nuclei of atoms are split apart or fused?


If energy is matter why can energy be created and destroyed?

Energy is a different kind of matter that can be manipulated like you describedAnother AnswerEnergy cannot be created nor destroyed. It can only be converted from one form to another.

Can energy appear out of nowhere?

I'm thinking that Ur mistaken on what Ur trying to ask because energy Can not be created by man kind...........:)

Why isn't energy created in an exothermic reaction?

Because energy can't be created (or destroyed, for that matter); it can only be transformed from one form into another. Note that we're taking the relativistic definition of "energy" here in which matter is really a kind of frozen energy.

If energy is not created or destroyed what happens to the light and heat of the flashlight?

energy cannot be created. Instead it changes forms of energy. the energy of a battery is chemical energy. the chemical energy from the battery changes to to electric energy when you turn it on. Then it changes again into heat and light energy. That energy will go on and change into some other kind of energy and so on forever.

How does gravitational contraction generate energy?

Obviously no new energy is created - the Law of Conservation of Energy is still valid. What happens is that potential energy is converted into some other kind of energy, especially heat.

What kind of energy is eating?

chemical energy is the kind of energy