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I'm not quite sure that I know what you mean by this but the acceleration due to gravity on planet earth is 9.8 m/s2.

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Q: What kind of gravity does the earth have?
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What kind of gravity does Saturn have?

At the surface, it's about the same as the Earth's . You get a bit of variation in the value given, but, at the equator, it's about 1.065 times the Earth's. It is about 0.92 times the Earth's gravity, if you take into account the effect of the planet's rotation.

What kind of energy exists between the Earth and every object on it?


Who is the god of gravity in greek mythology?

There was no god of gravity since the Greeks did not know about gravity. Atlas kind of acted like gravity by holding the earth up. He was not a god, but a Titan.

What is the gravity on Mars compared to earth?

The gravity of Earth is 2.6 times that of Mars.Mars's gravity is 38% of Earth's gravity.

How does the moon crontrol gravity on earth?

No. The earth has its own gravity. The lunar gravity causes tides on earth, but does not control earth's gravity.

Is the gravity of earth is because of it rotation?

No - the gravity of Earth is due to its mass.No - the gravity of Earth is due to its mass.No - the gravity of Earth is due to its mass.No - the gravity of Earth is due to its mass.

What is Charon's gravity compared to Earth's gravity?

The gravity of Charon is about 3% that of Earth.

On what day will the earth have no gravity?

Earth will always have gravity for gravity is a result of mass.

What is the math for mercury gravity compared to earth?

mercury gravity: earth gravity

Is the gravity on earth 1?

Earth's gravity is 1g.

Has earth ever had gravity?

The earth currently has gravity.

Were on earth is their no gravity?

Well on earth everywhere this is gravity. but once you leave earth there is no more gravity ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- No, gravity is present through out all space. When you leave the Earth and go into orbit round it, it APPEARS that there is no gravity, but gravity is causing you to orbit the Earth. You do not feel this gravity because you are in free fall.