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There are 4 simple machines in it a 2 wheel and axles a lever and a wedge

For home use, it is a small peeler machine required manual operation. For commercial use, it is a medium-sized machine that easy to operate.A China supplier named Twothousand Machinery sales good quality of potato peeling machines. Just sign in and check from source link

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A peeler is considered a type of wedge, which is a simple machine used to separate two objects by applying force at the narrow end. The sharp edge of the peeler acts as a wedge to slice through the skin of fruits or vegetables.

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Q: What kind of simple machine is a peeler?
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A pulley isn't a kind of simple machine, it is a simple machine

Is an apple peeler a simple machine?

Yes, an apple peeler can be classified as a simple machine. Simple machines are basic mechanical devices that help perform work with minimal input force by altering the magnitude or direction of an applied force. An apple peeler is a tool that makes peeling apples easier by leveraging basic mechanical principles. It typically consists of a lever and a rotating blade, which work together to peel the apple as it is turned. The lever amplifies the force applied by the user, making it easier to separate the skin from the fruit. In this case, the lever and blade mechanism would classify the apple peeler as a simple machine, specifically a type of lever.

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Is peeler a small machine?

A peeler is not a machine, but rather a handheld tool used for removing the outer layer of fruits and vegetables. It typically consists of a handle with a sharp blade.

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It is a simple lever.

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Rope is not a simple machine on its own, it's a simple machine on a wheel and axle, then it's a pulley.

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