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The center of gravity.

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Q: What part of an object follows a smooth path when the object is made to spin through the air or across a flat smooth surface?
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How do different weights affect friction?

Friction is a resistance force imparted on an object sliding across a surface where the force is directly proportional to the WEIGHT of the object. The heavier the object that is moving across the surface the higher the frictional forces.

A fungal thread that runs horizontally across the surface of an object is a what?


How a scanning tunnel microscope works?

A conducting tip is brought very close to the surface of the object of interest Some electrons can "tunnel" through the space between the object and the conducting tip, creating a current. The way current varies as the tip is moved across the surface is used to determine the shape of the surface.

A fungal thread that runs horizontally across the surface of an object?


Does drag slow an object?

It depends on the object that it goes through, because if a the surface of an object is big, the more drag it produces. If the object has a small surface that meets the air, then it won't produce drag that much.

When an object is pulling across a level surface at a constant velocity what force is the pulling force equal to?


What are examples of objects that produce sounds?

Some examples of objects that produce sounds are as follows:>Flute by air expressing through the holes that are open>Drums by an object hitting the surface and resonating through the hollow inside>Raindrops by falling from the sky onto multiple surfaces

Which examples illustrates an object with kinetic energy?

A skateboard rolling across the street A hockey puck sliding across the ice

More force must be applied when pushing something across a rough surface?

TRUEFriction is the reason more force is needed to push an object across a rough surface.

Follows a preposition?

The object of the preposition follows the preposition.

How are conductors charged?

If charge is transferred to the object at a given location, that charge is quickly distributed across the entire surface of the object. The distribution of charge is the result of electron movement.

When an object or wave bounces back off a surface through which it cannot pass?

A reflection