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Kinetic energy of the beaters

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Q: What type of energy does an eggbeater have?
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how do you eggbeater as in swimming?

its just like an eggbeater, you have to move your legs in the same way an eggbeater moves.

Why was the eggbeater invented?

To beat eggs

Can you give me an example of a gear?

a clock, eggbeater

How does an egg beater works?

It mixes and blends other ingredients or the yolk with the whites in eggs. Used at faster speeds, it also will incorporate air to make things fluffier, egg whites stiffer, cream "whipped", etc.

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Who invented the old eggbeater?

The person was Tuner Williams.

How many wheels does a eggbeater have?

A simple eggbeater such as a fork or whisk has no wheels, a simple mechanical whisk would have two wheels and an electrical whisk may have several wheels.

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What is another word for helicopter?

Chopper , whirlybird , copter or eggbeater .

What does eggbeater in jargon mean?

A military helicopter

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Yes, elastic energy is a type of energy.

Which type of energy is in chocolate?

Food energy, which is a type of chemical energy.