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Light waves do, but sound waves cannot, because in space is no medium to carry the vibration. Radio, TV and others can travel in space also.

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Q: What waves can travel through space?
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What type of waves travel through space?

Sound waves cannot travel through space.

Wave that can travel through an empty space?

Waves that can travel through an empty space are called electromagnetic waves.

Can Seismic waves travel through space?

NO! Seismic waves can't travel through space. They are mechanical waves. Mechanical waves require going through mediums and there isn't a medium in space.

Which type of waves can travel through matter and empty space?

Electromagnetic waves can travel though empty space. Sound waves can travel through matter.

What types of waves can travel through empty space?

Only non mechanical waves such as electromagetic waves can travel through empty space.

Why can radio waves travel through space but sound waves can not?

Radio waves travel through empty space because they are electromagnetic waves, whereas sound is a wave that must travel through air.

What waves are waves that can travel through matter or space?

electromagnetic waves

Wave that can travel through empty space?

You could have light waves, ultra violate waves, infrared waves and radio waves travel through empty space.

Which type of wave can travel through empty space by electromagnetic waves?

Any electromagnetic waves can travel through empty space.

Does light waves travel through empty space or sound waves?

Light waves, like all electromagnetic waves, travel without a medium, so they can travel through empty space. Sound waves, on the other hand, do require a medium to travel or propagate; therefore, they can not travel through empty space.

What 3 waves cannot travel through space?

Waves that rely on a medium may not travel through space. These would include longitudinal waves, shear waves, and sound waves.

How are water waves and light waves different?

water waves travel through water and light waves travel through a vacuum (in space)

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