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No it is not! The hill is moving in the opposite direction.

You do not perceive the motion of the hill since it move sooo slowly...

When the ball will stop with respect to the hill (for instance because of an obstacle rigidly connected to the hill) then the hill will stop too.

And the potential energy of the ball will be transformed into heat and sound.

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momentum is always conserved the kinetic energy may increase or decrease as per the situation

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Q: When a ball rolls down a hill and gains momentum is the law of momentum conservation violated?
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If a moving ball rolls into a stationary ball the total momentum of both balls after the collision will be?

By the Law of Conservation of Momentum, the total momentum after the collision must be the same as the total momentum before the collision.

What if your friend says that the law of conservation of momentum violated when a ball rolls down a hill and gain momentum what do you say?

it could be said that since potential energy (mgh) is lost at the exact rate kinetic energy (ke) is gained, that energy is translated into another form since force applied (gravity) over time then impulse applied and increase of momentum

What kind of energy does the can gain as it rolls back to you?

it gains kinetic energy as the can rolls back to you.

A freight train rolls along a track with considerable momentum If it were to roll at the same speed but had twice as much mass it's momentum would be?


A cart gains energy as it rolls down hill what is the force that does the work?

Gravitational force.

A golf ball hits a tennis ball The golf ball stops but the tennis ball rolls away What kind of example is this Grvitaion Conservation of momentum Equal and opposite forces or velocity?

It depends on whether they are both moving or if one is stationary and the other is moving.

When a ball rolls down an inclined plane it gains speed because of gravity?

That's a true statement. Good work!

A ball rolls down a hill and hits a box the momentum of the ball decreases what happens to its momentum?

Momentum (as energy) isn't lost, it is transferred. Momentum is lost to friction when the ball is rolling, but in the described situation, the momentum is basically all transferred to the box upon impact. The box may tip over if light enough, or the box may break, or if heavy enough and built well enough, the box may absorb the impact and be left seemingly untouched. If the ball continues to roll after impact (if it bounces over/around/off of the box, then only partial momentum has been transferred to the box.

Why is the momentum of a billiard ball change as is rolls on a billiard table?

The answer is rather simple. Even though a billiard ball is smooth, when it rolls it imparts some of its kinetic energy to the felt covering of the table. That is, the felt heats up a bit as the ball slows down.

One railroad car rolls toward another Describe the properties of the first car that determine its momentum and how it would impart an impulse to the second car?

(newtons first law) conservation of momentum law states : momentum before collision = momentum after collision momentum p (kg-m/s)= mass * velocity say moving car=1 000 kg, velocity = 10 m/s then p = 1 000*10= 10 000 kg-m/s say still car = 2 000 kg, velocity = 0 m/s then p = 2 000* 0 = 0 kg-m/s total momentum prior to collision = 10 000 + 0 = 10 000 kg-m/s momentum after collision = 10 000 kg-m/s mass now = 1 000 kg+2 000 kg = 3 000 kg 10 000 = 3 000 kg* velocity m/s 10 000/3 000 = velocity 3.33 m/s = velocity after collision an impulse is a force applied over time , momentum is exclusive of external forces and a perfect collision is implied

What force will stop the ball from rolling after comes down a hill?

Conservation of Energy explains why it speeds up. It also explains why it rolls, due to the frictional force creating a torque.

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