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Q: When a boy was skating kinetic energy was doing what?
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When the boy was skating kinetic energy was and thermal energy was?

When the boy was skating qhat is thermal energy doing

What form of energy is in running boy?

Running boy has kinetic energy. it is because of motion.

What is kinetic energy give an example of a use of a use of kinetic energy that you saw today?

kinetic energy is the energy possessed by a moving object e.i. a boy kicking a ball and it starts moving

What energy transformation is taking place when a boy is cycling down a hill?

kinetic energy

What is the plural of the boy was skating?

the boys were skating.

What type of energy does a boy have who jumps up and dives off of a diving board?

Kinetic energy, and gravitational potential energy.

Examples of kinetic energy?

Boy running, kicking a ball, dancing, riding a bike, using fireworks, kicking a soccer ball, a bird flying. Kinetic energy is energy of matter in motion.

When does potential energy equal kinetic energy?

well kinetic energy is when some thing is moving and potential energy is the highest point so think of it this way a boy siting in his chair sitting still and a girl standing up jog in place the girl has potential and kinetic

Is a flying bird kinetic or pontial?

the answer is kinetic me boy

A ball thrown by a boy from the roof top is what motion?

When the boy is holding the ball it has Gravitational Potential Energy (GPE).When he lets go the Gravitational Potential Energy is converted to Kinetic Energy.As the ball is falling it continues to gain Kinetic Energy, however, the friction from the air on the ball increases (Air Resistance).When the Kinetic Energy and Air Resistance become equal the ball is said to have to reached Terminal Velocity.Once the ball hits the ground the Kinetic Energy is transferred to the ground through heat (Friction) and also as sound.Remember energy cannot be created or destroyed, it is always transferred.

Can a boy wear a skating dress?

A boy would most likley not. They would were special clothing. A boy wearing a skating dress would just be akward -_-

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