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You divide work by time.

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Q: When calculating power you should use the formula P divided by . IN this formula P stands for power stands for work and for time.?
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What is the formula to calculate interest?

In calculating for the interest, please use the formula below:I = PRTwhere I stands for InterestP for principalR for rate; andT for time

What does Delta x divided by delta t stand for?

v=▲x/▲tFormula of calculating velocity, x stands for the length the object has traveled, and t stands for how long it has been traveling.

What does vf minus vi divided by t mean?

That's the formula for average acceleration.vf or rather vf stands for final velocityvi or rather vi stands for initial velocityt stands for time.

What is the formula for calculating development surface are of truncated cone?

The formula for calculating development surface area of a truncated cone is Avr = π [s (R + r) + R^2 + r^2]. The solution is area (A) subscript r where r is the radius of the top of the truncated cone. In this formula R stands for the radius of the bottom of the cone and s represents the slant height of the cone.

What is the formula for calculation density?

== == D equals m divided by V where D stands for Density, m stands for mass, and V stands for Volume. D=m/vAs density is defined as mass per unit volume, therefore :d = m/v ,where d = density ; m = mass ; v = volumeThe greater the density , the more is the mass per unit volume.The density formula calculate using the formula p=m/v, or density (p) is equal to mass(m) divided by volume (V)

What is mgo stand for?

If "mgo" is supposed to be a chemical formula, it should be written as MgO and then stands for magnesium oxide.

What does the chemical formula H2SO4 stands for?

H2SO4 is the formula for sulfuric acid.

Why PID controller called PID?

Controller is nothing but to get a nearest set value by calculating eror value. P stands for present error I stands for past error D stands for future error

The formula nh3 stands for what compound?


What is the m in the density formula stands for?


What is the formula Cl?

There is no formula. Cl stands for Chlorine, which is an element on its own; it can be incorporated into a formula such as NaCl (table salt)

What is the formula for calculating average density?

Population density refers to the measurement of population in a given area. Its equation is given as PD = N / A, where PD stands for population density, N stands for the number of organisms and A stands for the area.