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a form of non-ionizing radiation that is emitted by the sun and artificial sources, such as tanning beds

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corona is the answer your looking for

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Q: Which region of the Sun is the source for extreme ultraviolet light and x-ray emissions?
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Is ultraviolet a source of light?

Yes U.V. rays are a source of light they are what we use sunscreen for

What is the source of energy used to react chlorine with methane?

Ultraviolet Light

What is the Advantage of Ultraviolet pools?

Water is sterilized as it passes through an ultraviolet light source so few chemicals are needed specifically chlorine.

What has the author M E Bruner written?

M. E. Bruner has written: 'Ultraviolet spectrometer and polarimeter (UVSP) software development and hardware tests for the Solar Maximum Mission' -- subject(s): Solar Maximum Mission (Project), Solar Spectrum, Spectrum, Solar, Ultraviolet spectrometry 'Dynamic evolution of the source volumes of gradual and impulsive solar flare emissions' -- subject(s): Solar flares

What is the greatest source of carbon introduced into the air?

The single greatest source of CO2 emissions is coal-fired electricity generation.

What are the characteristics of a source region?

a source regon is an area where the air masses originates

What is a source region?

A source region is an area of the earth's surface where large air masses having uniform temperature and humidity characteristic of the region originate.

What are some natural sources of ultraviolet light?

the source of ultra violet radiation are due to sunlights, cause by the thinning of ozone layer bcause of the chemical reactions cause by the chemicals from the lithosphere

What energy source is associated with nitrogen emissions?

There are various energy sources associated with nitrogen emissions. They occur through a lot of sources. Some are plants, atmosphere, animals, and microorganisms.

What animal can ultraviolet color?

Butterflies, Honey bees, Birds, and Jumping Spiders. See link for source.

What is a major drawback of using coal as an energy source?

Carbon dioxide emissions causing global warming.

Which source is responsible for the greatest amount of NOx emissions in the US?

Too obvious, fossil fuel combustion.