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On the earth, because the force he is climbing against is higher, therefore he is doing more work in climbing, and accumulating more potential energy.

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Q: Who has more potential energy someone climbing a ladder on the Moon or on the Earth?
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Is limbing a ladder gravitational Potential energy?

Yes, climbing a ladder is potential energy.

What kind of energy does a person climbing a ladder have plzzz answer?

A person climbing a ladder is using mechanical energy, if you are talking about types of energy.

How do you get potential energy?

If you are standing anywhere where you could fall you have gravitational potential energy. i.e. If you are in a ladder you have potential energy. Irvine ladder breaks and you fall this potential energy is converted to kinetic energy.

What is a rung of a ladder?

A rung of a ladder is the little bar that you step on when you are climbing a ladder.

What is the meaning of ladder?

A device used for climbing.

What fitness equipment acts like climbing a ladder?

orbitrac‬‏ :)

What is Third person singular present progressive tense of the word climb?

is climbing eg He is climbing the corporate ladder

Is climbing a lader an adjective?

no, its an action verb. climbing a TALL ladder, tall would be the adjective, climbing is the action verb

Who wrote the lyrics to We Are Climbing Jacob's Ladder?

not sure

Walking up a slope is easier than climbing a ladder Why?

The ladder is set at a steeper angle

How much energy is needed in Joules for a 90 kg woman was to climb a ladder 6 meters in height?

The energy needed for a woman to climb a ladder is given by the change in potential energy she experiences. Defining the ground as being zero potential energy, her overall change in potential energy isEp = mghwhere Ep is the change potential energy, m is her mass, g is the gravitational acceleration (9.8m/s2 on earth) and h is the height she climbs.Ep = (90kg)(9.8m/s2)(6m) = 5292kg*m2/s2 or 5292 Joules

What form of energy is used when a person is climbing a ladder?

The person will use the energy of his muscles to do that. This energy comes from the food eaten by people.