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You can always see your reflection in the window, just not as well during the day.The light coming in from outside makes it easier to focus your eyes past the window to your surroundings outside, instead of focusing on the reflection.

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You can see your reflection on a transparent window at night because light from inside illuminates your face, causing it to be visible against the dark background outside. The contrast between the light inside and the darkness outside allows your reflection to be seen.

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You can, under the right lighting conditions, see a reflection of yourself from the surface of the glass and another reflection from the back surface of the pane of glass. The images do not quite coincide.

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Q: Why can you see your reflection on a transparent window at night?
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Why if a window is clear can you see your reflection at night?

The darkness outside provides a backdrop to allow your reflection to be seen easier.

Is window pane transparent?

Transparent means you can see through it. That's usually the purpose of a window, yes.

If you can see yourself in a window what behavior of waves is responsible for that?

The behavior of reflection is responsible for seeing yourself in a window. Light waves from your image reflect off the glass surface of the window and back to your eyes so that you can see your reflection.

Is leather transparent?

Leather (tanned animal skin) is not transparent, as you can't see through it (unlike transparent window glass).

What is different between transparent and open?

A window is transparent, you can see through it, but you can not pass through it, an open window also allows you to see through it, but will also allow you to pass through it.

Why can you see your reflection in a window?

You can see your reflection in a window because glass is smooth and acts like a mirror, reflecting light that hits it. When light from your face hits the window, it bounces off and creates your reflection.

Can you see through a car windshield?

LYou Can See Through A Car Window Because It Is Transparent.

Reflection in a window at night?

The image you see the the reflection of light from the object into your eyes. During the day time, light from the object incident and reflect to your eyes as well as light from the outside refract to your eyes. Therefore, you barely notice the image. At night, however, there is no source of light from the window outside. As a result, there is only light from the object(yourself) reflect back to your eyes. Hence, your image is visible on the window at night.

Any object you can see through easily is?


Could you give a sentence using transparent correctly?

I can see through the transparent glass window perfectly.

What mean transparent?

Transparency means totally clear, as in a window or a meaning.

Can light be reflected and be refracted at the same time?

That's what usually happens. That is, if light strikes a surface between two different materials (e.g., water and air), part will pass through (and be refracted); another part of the light will be reflected.