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Brass is a conductor of electricity, so when two brass objects are rubbed together, any charge generated would quickly dissipate through the material. This makes it difficult to build up and maintain a static charge on brass through rubbing.

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Q: Why cant a brass be charged while rubbing?
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Why cant nothing be charged by static electricity?

Charging an object by static electricity involves the transfer of electrons between objects. If "nothing" is being referred to, it means there are no objects or materials present to transfer electrons and establish a charge. Charging requires at least two different materials to interact and exchange electrons to create an electric charge.

Why cant static electricity be created on a metal tube by rubbing it with another material?

Static electricity is typically generated by the transfer of electrons between two materials with different tendencies to attract electrons. Since metals are conductive, any excess charge on the metal tube will quickly dissipate due to the free movement of electrons within the metal. This prevents the buildup of static electricity on a metal tube when rubbed with another material.

Why cant determine the positive and negative charge with electroscope?

Electroscope can detect the presence of charge but cannot determine whether it is positive or negative because it simply detects the presence of charge, causing the leaves to either repel or attract. To determine the type of charge, additional methods such as bringing a known charged object close to the electroscope are needed to observe the interactions.

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How does magnetic force works?

Magnetic force is a fundamental force that acts between moving electric charges. When a charged particle moves through a magnetic field, it experiences a force perpendicular to both its velocity and the direction of the magnetic field. This force is what causes charged particles to be deflected in magnetic fields, leading to various electromagnetic phenomena like the production of electric current in generators and the operation of electric motors.

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