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Why does a rough surface like paper scatter reflected light rather than reflecting it in an organised way?

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Q: Why does a rough surface like paper scatter reflected light rather than reflecting it in an organised way?
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What are the differences between an incident ray and a reflection ray?

A incidence ray is the ray that strikes the reflecting surface (prior to reflection). A reflection ray is the ray is reflected from the reflecting surface (after being reflected).

Where are the angles of the incident ray and reflected ray measured from?

The normal to the reflecting surface.

Which occurs when a wave is reflected?

It moves in a direction which is different from before it was reflected. Anything else depends on the wave and the reflecting surface.

What is the difference between an incident ray and a reflected ray?

The ray which hits or falls on a object or a material initially is known as INCIDENT RAY. The ray which gets reflected after hitting the object is known as REFLECTED RAY.

How does polishing let you see your reflection?

The smoother the reflecting surface the less the micro-distortion of the reflected image.

Rear view mirror anti glare?

rear view mirror ha a wedged shaped glass (unlike rectangular in normal mirrors) and a reflecting surface. in day time the rear surface of the glass is along the reflective surface, hence we see normal reflection. during the night time, in anti glare mode, we tilt only the reflecting surface and not the glass so that the rear surface of the glass leaves the reflecting surface. light rays striking the front surface of the glass gets reflected as well as refracted. the partly reflected rays shows us the rear view which is now of reduced intensity. the refracted ray gets reflected by the reflecting surface but do not meet the eyes. The reflected rays coming from the reflecting surface and meeting the eyes are now from the car's ceiling. the reflection of the ceiling may repress the rear view if the ceiling is lighted. rgds nimish

Why are image reflected from a rough surface not as clear as those reflected from a smooth surface?

Some light that falls on any surface is scattered back (reflected). A rough surface tends to scatter the light in different directions while a smooth surface tends to scatter more of the original (incident) rays straight back. This explains why a smooth surface reflects a "clearer" image than that reflected from a rough surface.

What is it called when light bounces off an uneven surface?

when light 'bounces off' a surface, the technical term is that light is reflecting. if you're looking for the unscientific, descriptive word, it is scatter

What is the difference between incident ray and the reflected ray?

incident ray-the light ray striking a reflecting surface is called the incident ray. reflected ray-the light ray obtained after reflection from the surface, in the same medium in which the incident ray is travelling , is called the reflected ray.

What is an albedo effect?

The fraction of the total light incident on a reflecting surface, especially a celestial body, which is reflected back in all directions.

How do you measure the angles of incidence and reflection?

They are the angles made by the incident ray and the reflected ray with the line perpendicular to the reflecting surface at the point of reflection.

What is reflecting mirrors?

When a light ray is incident upon a reflecting surface, the angle of reflection is equal to the angle of incidence. Both of these angles are measured relative to a normal drawn to the surface. The incident ray, the reflected ray, and the normal all lie in the same plane.