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Because it hasn't got any extra mass inside it.

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Q: Why does an empty cylinder weigh less than a filled one?
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Why does an empty gas cylinder weighs less than a filled one?

An empty gas container actually weighs less than a full container.

Why does an empty cooking cylinder weighs less compared to a filled cylinder?

What ever was in the cylinder had weight of its' own. When the cylinder was emptied, only the weight of the cylinder was left.

What will weigh less a bottle filled with air or evacuated bottle?


How much does an empty box weigh?

an empty bow depending on its size can weigh between 2 oz. to 100 oz. it can though weigh less or more depending like i said on the size of the box

Why is a glass that filled with liquid less stable than an empty glass?

The center of mass is more closer to the

Why does putting a balloon filled with helium into an empty 10 pound barrel make it weigh less?

Helium has a lower density than air, therefore replacing the air in the barrel with helium decreases the mass of the barrel system thus the weight is decreased.

If you put a person in a barrel of water will it weigh more or less than if the barrel was filled with only water?


Why filled cylinder with liquid gas sink in water but ship does not?

The air (within the ship) is less dense than water.,

I have a 1994 Acura Integra and I have absolutely NO BRAKES. The master cylinder goes completely empty with NO visible leaks.?

Also, no visible leaks in the lines, all brake pads were changed less than 4 months ago. Master Cylinder has been going dry in 2 days time, now there are absolutely no brakes after I filled it back up today.

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my j14 (1999) weights a little less than 1000lbs empty. It is the heaviest of the skiff models.

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a filled in circle/dot means "greater than or eaqual to/less than or equal to" (depending on which way the arrow is pointing. an empty cirlce means only "greater than/less than". the greater than/less than symbol with the line under it will indicate the filled in circle. the normal greater than/less than symbol willl indicate the hollow cirlce

What do you add to a plastic bottle filled with cola that weighs one liter to it to make it weigh less than two ounces?