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Q: Why is a ruby laser used as a cooling agent?
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Why ammonia act as cooling agent?

ammonia is used as a cooling agent mainly because it easily transfers heat.In addition to this there are several reasons why ammonia is used as a cooling agent in refrigerators.

What type of pumping is used in ruby laser and why?

This is kirit vaghela, The answer for the above question is that as far as ruby laser is concerned the pupmping is used is nothing but it is completed by optical pupmping.

What is the purpose of the ruby laser used in technology?

The red ruby laser is used in standard DVD players to read standard DVD discs. They are now being superseded by the blue laser DVD player, otherwise known as Blue-Ray players and discs.

Gems called rubies are used in lasers?

There is some truth that rubies are used in lasers. The ruby laser was the first laser created using a faux ruby crystal as a medium. It was developed by Ted Maiman in May of 1960.

What is the cooling agent used in the nonnarcotic refrigerator?

I guess it is 1,2-Dichloroethane

What is used as cooling material for refrigrators?

Ammonia is used in some refrigerators as a coolant agent.

What is the industrial purpose of water?

Water is used as solvent, cooling agent, cleaning agent, reactant, for electrolysis in many industries.

Why is nitrogen is used as a cooling agent?

Nitrogen is used as a cooling agent in its liquid state due to its low temperature and efficient heat transfer. It is capable of keeping components at sub zero temperatures even under load.

What is the purpose of refrigerant in air conditioning and refrigeration system?

used as cooling and freezing agent

Why water is used as a cooling agent?

It is cheap, has a high specific heat, and low viscosity.

In salon, What kind of laser they are using for hair removal?

There are actually multiple laser types used to remove hair. They are, pulsed light laser, diode laser, ND: Yag laer, alexandrite laser, and ruby laser. Here's a site that has information on each type:

What was the material used to build the first laser?

ruby steel and glass next time please just google it.

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