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Friend Hilmar Zonneveld is perfectly and absolutely right. Weight, being a vector, of an object will always act through the center of gravity. Also definition of centre of gravity confirms that whatever be the position the weight would always act through a point known to be center of gravity

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If the object moves freely, the center of gravity will move below the point at which it is suspended.

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Q: Why must the intersection of the 3 lines be the center of GRAVITY of the irregularly shaped lamina?
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Where does the center of mass rectangular lamina lie?

The centre of mass of a rectangular lamina lies at the point of intersection of its diagonals.

Where does the center of gravity of a triangular lamina lie?


What is the center of gravity for a lamina?

If the lamina is in two dimensions (i.e. not curled round into a third dimension) then the centre of gravity will be somewhere within the flat shape. The position of the centre of gravity will depend on the distribution of mass across the lamina. If the lamina is curled round into a third dimension then the centre of gravity will be somewhere within the volume enclosed, fully or partially, by the lamina; this may or may not be on the lamina.

Does the centroid of a lamina coincides with the intersection of the diagonals of a rectangle?

Only if the lamina is the same shape as the rectangle!

How is the center of the gravity determined when an object is at rest or in motion?

If the object is a thin lamina with uniform thickness (e.g. a piece of paper), the the centre of gravity of the object is at its geometrical centre. It can be determined by suspending a load (e.g. pendulum) on an edge of the lamina twice and the point where the plumb lines intersect is the centre of gravity.

What is lamina in plants?

The lamina is the flat part of a leaf.

What is the plural of lamina?

The plural form of lamina is laminae.

Do arteries have elastic lamina?

Yes, arteries have elastic lamina.

What is lamina propria?

is the edematous lamina propria glands can be cancer

When did Lamina Sankoh die?

Lamina Sankoh died in 1964.

When was Elachista lamina created?

Elachista lamina was created in 1948.

When was Altamont Lamina born?

Altamont Lamina was born in 1895.

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Why is the intersection of the three lines the center of gravity using the plumb line experiment?

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