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All of the colors in the white, except the green, are absorbed by the plastic. The

green is the only light that survives the trip all the way through and comes out

the other side. This is the main reason the object is known as "a green bottle".

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Q: What happens when white light passes through a green glass bottle?
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What happens to a beam of white light when it passes through a glass prism?

it creates a rainbow

What happens when hydrofluoric acid is left in glass bottle for long time?

The hydrofluoric acid will eat through the glass.

Why are glass material transparent?

light passes through glass

What happens when light passes through glass with the same optical density as air?

Nothing. It continues to travel in a straight line.

Why sound does not pass through the glass?

There is no "why". Sound passes through glass quite easily.

Hydrofluoric acid is stored in a glass bottle for a long time what happens?

The glass bottle is destroyed; the silicon fluoride is formed.

What happens when light passes through a glass box?

You will see what some people call a rainbow, the differing refraction of light frequencies

What happens to light that passes through a curved piece of glass?

It gets separated into different beams of energy such as earth wind and fire.

What happens when light passes through a glass of milk?

Light does not pass through a glass of milk. The glass is transparent, so the light will be refracted a bit when entering the glass, and again while leaving the glass, but milk itself is opaque. Light would be absorbed in the milk, and converted into heat.

What happens to the speed of the light when it passes from air into glass?

The speed decreases.

What happens when you throw a glass bottle into the sea?

It sinks unless it is sealed.

Can all light pass through glass?

All light passes through glass that is transparent. But, if the glass is translucent (such as some bathroom windows or shower doors for privacy), only some light passes through, causing you to not see the object clearly.