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Saguaro do not occur in a national forest. They can be found in the Saguaro National Park and surrounding areas. No, it is not legal to remove either a living or a dead saguaro from the park. It is also illegal to remove them from anywhere in Arizona.

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Q: Can you take a dead saguaro cactus from the national forest?
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Is it legal to remove a dead Saguaro cactus?

Yes, in Arizona it is illegal to remove a cactus, living or dead, from the desert without a permit and a good reason.

What is the law on a saguaro cactus that is down and dead?

It is illegal to remove either living or dead saguaros from public lands.

Where can you buy saguaro cactus pieces?

In the United States the saguaro grows naturally in Arizona. However, it is illegal to remove a saguaro from the desert without permission and only for a legitimate reason (eg: The cactus is falling into a roadway or home or needs to be removed for construction.) It is also illegal to remove even the dead wood from a saguaro cactus from the desert, The only alternative would be to purchase a saguaro from a nursery, let it die and decay for a few years and then remove the dead wood pieces. Considering the high cost of a live saguaro from a licensed nursery, this does not seem to be a viable option.

Is it illegal to take a dead cholla cactus in Arizona?

It is illegal to remove any plant, living or dead, from the deserts of Arizona. This would include any part of a saguaro cactus.

Can you sell dead saguaro from my property?

No, that is no my line of business.

Is it illegal to cut down a saguaro in your backyard?

It is illegal to remove a saguaro on public lands, unless your a utility company or such with other rights. however on private property you need a permit from the state agriculture department.

Can you take home dead cactus bone from Arizona?

No, you can't take home dead cactus bone from Arizona. Arizona's forests, monuments, and parks are under federal protection. The specific regulator is the Lacey Act of May 25, 1900. The Act has been amended four times. But no matter the amendment, the thrust is increasingly clear and enforced more strongly. It's a felony to acquire, export, import, purchase, receive, sell, or transport protected wildlife, of which the giant saguaro cactus [Carnegiea gigantea or Cereus giganteus]

Is it legal to own saguaro cactus?

A permit can't be issued, because it's illegal to collect, damage, or remove cactus plants from the Sonoran Desert National Monument in Arizona. It's illegal regardless of whether the plant is alive or dead. In fact, the law protects all of the cultural and natural resources within the Desert. That includes even rocks and dead things.

Is it legal to pick up dead cholla cactus in AZ?

No, it is illegal to remove any cactus, living or dead, from deserts in Arizona.

What does it mean if the cactus decomposes?

It's dead

What does a desert ant eat?

Cactus and dead animals.

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