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mariguana plant

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Q: What is the plant called where weed comes from?
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What is the differens of a plant and a weed?

A weed and a plant really aren't two different things. A weed is a plant, it is just a plant you don't want. That is why unwanted plants in gardens are called weeds.

What is weed slang for in 1967?

cuz it comes from the ground on up in a plant form It wasn't. A weed was slang for a Cigarette

What is it called when a plant grows in a new or disturbed area?


What makes a plant a weed?

What makes a weed a weed is that a weed is an unplanned plant such as a dandelion. Even a useful plant is a weed if it comes up in the wrong place but most weeds are plants that have no use to humans and interfere in some way with human intentions.

What is the name of the flower pot mens friend?

A plant called Weed

What is the name of the plant that tobacco comes from?

Tobacco comes from the plant called Nicotiana tabacum.

How do you plant weed?

You don't plant weed, they just grow from gardens.

How does a plant become a weed?

A plant becomes a weed when it's not wanted.

What is the French name for a goldfish plant?

a goldfish plant is really just called a weed. And apparently 'Weed' in french is "mauvaise herbe"

Is there such thing as regular weed and if so What is the correct name for it?

No there is no regular weed, all pot depends on the amount of THC in the plant on wether or not it is potent or not. and all weed is called MARIJUANNA

Where is weed originated from?

Korea. China used it as an anesthetic about 5,000 years ago.

What is the best difference between a garden plant and a weed?

A weed is an unwanted plant.