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Blue and white only flags:






Federated States of Micronesia



Blue and white with another color central symbol are:

El Salvador


San Marino

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Countries that use only blue and white flags include Finland, Greece, and Israel.

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Q: Which countries use only blue and white flags?
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The flags of these six countries ONLY use the colors blue and white?

Finland, Greece, Argentina

Who has a national flag is white and blue?

The only nations whose flags depict only white and blue include Micronesia, Honduras, Greece, Finland, Somalia, and Israel.

What flag has a blue stripe then white stripe then red stripe then white stripe then blue stripe?

The following countries' national flags depict only red, white, and blue:AustraliaCambodiaChileCosta RicaCubaCzech RepublicFranceIcelandNorth KoreaLaosLiberiaLuxembourgNetherlandsNew ZealandNorwayPanamaRussiaSamoaSlovakiaTaiwanThailandUnited KingdomUnited States

Which countries have square flags?

The two countries that have square shaped flags are Vatican City and Switzerland. The Vatican City flag is square shaped with yellow on one side and white on the other. The Swiss flag is square shaped and has a red background with a white cross in the center.

Which 2 countries flags are square?

The flags of Switzerland and Vatican City are both square in shape.

Which flag is blue and white?

Kazakhstan, Palau, Sweden, and the Ukraine are the only countries to have a blue and yellow flag. Many other countries feature blue and yellow on their flag in addition to other colors, such as Brazil, St. Lucia, and Kosovo.

Do continents have flags?

Yes, Europe does, Its 15 or so yellow stars on a blue background. (The number has changed based on the number of members in the European Union.) This is the flag set for the European Union. Australia has a country flag which also serves as its continental flag. Antarctica has a few flags, the principle one being a sky blue flag with the white continental shape of Antarctica. Africa's flag is represented by the African Union flag, a green flag with a white stripe in the middle and a yellow image of Africa in the middle of the white stripe. South America recently adopted a white flag for Unisal, the South American Union. Only Asia and North America lack continental flags.

What country has a red blue and yellow flag?

Too many to count ! Some of them include: Afganistan, Albania, Algeria, Andorra, Angola..........Romania.... You get the idea. LOTS of them. Depends on whether you mean vertical strips, horizontal strips, or elements/symbols that are the various colors. There are many countries that have the colors of that. Though, the question needs to be more specific, is ther a horizontal strie? Or what about a vertical? How are the colors lined up? I did google this question, only to find the same thing, like luithiana (or how it is spelled). Though based off of how the question is, there are so many flags. Also countries have their own flags that are not registerred. So the person above is correct. Even if you do want a list, that may not be possible for this question

How many flags does the US Army have?

There is no exact known number of flags, total or just different types. There could be millions of flags (and most likely are) as cities, states, provinces, regions, unrecognized countries, unions, countries, etc. have their own flags. There are 54 national flags in Africa, however; one for each nation.

What flags can be flown over the White House?

51 flags, all the states and the American flag

Which country square flag?

The only countries in the world with square flags are Swizterland and the Vatican.

How many countries have flags that are a single color?

Libya is the only one. A flag of rectangular green