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No, the deomocratic party did not disappear during the Jacksonian era, instead it just changed names.

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Q: Did the deomocratic party disappear during the jacksonian era?
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A political party formed by supporters of Andrew Jackson?

The political party that was formed was the Democratic party. This time was known as the Jacksonian democracy era. The Anti-Jacksonian supporters later become known as the Whigs.

What political party had control over the US government in 1840?

The Jacksonian Democrats and the Whig Party both struggled for power in United States during this time period. The Jacksonian Democrats were very similar to modern day Democrats. Andrew Jackson, President at the time, was leader of the Democratic Party while Henry Clay was the leader of the Whig Party. The two parties struggled until the Whig part collapsed in the early 1850's.

Where did gatsby and daisy disappear to during the party?

Gatsby and Daisy disappear to explore Gatsby's mansion during the party, escaping the crowd for a private moment together. They are able to retreat to the quiet seclusion of Gatsby's home and reconnect in a more intimate setting away from the social gathering.

What type of Americans did Andrew Jackson represent?

If you mean what party, he supported the democratic party. It was also called the Jacksonian democrat

What political party was martin vanburen in?

He was a (Jacksonian) Democrat. Jackson hand-picked him to run as his replacement.

The political party founded by those angry with Andrew Jackson was the?

The Whigs were the opposition to the Jacksonian Democrats.

Where did the Whig Party get its support from?

The Whigs were formed as a counter to the Jacksonian Democrats. They were strongest in the Northeast and the South.

Was Davy Crockett a Republican?

In a way yes, David Stern Crockett was actually an Anti-Jacksonian which can be called the forerunner of the Republican Party.

What was the Anti-jacksonian politically party that generally stood for national community and an activist government?

The Anti-Jackson Party was also known as Adams Men during the Presidency of John Quincy Adams. It was the predecessor of the National Republican Party.

What was the cement that held the whig party together in its formative days?

The "cement" that held the Whig party together in its formative days, was its hatred of President Andrew Jackson. It was a new political party established in order to oppose Jacksonian policies.

What party was Buchanan?

James Buchanan ran as a...Federalist for U.S. Representative in 1820.Jacksonian Federalist for U.S. Representative in 1822.Jacksonian for U.S. Representative in 1824, 1826 & 1828.Democrat for U.S. Senator in 1834, 1836 & 1843.Democrat for U.S. President in 1856.

Who benefited from Jacksonian Democracy?

White males of European descent were the main people who benefited from Jacksonian Democracy, as voting rights improved. Owning property was no longer a requirement - the man only had to be free. This was a period during which there was more political participation by the citizens of the US as well as loyalty to one party or another. It extended from about 1828 -1854. This was a forerunner to the current Democratic Party, and Andrew Jackson believed in ending government monopoly by elites. The Executive Branch of government became more powerful during that time. Election of judges, Manifest Destiny and avoidance of battles over slavery were part of the effects.