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Q: Do Regulatory boards and commissions have to report to the president?
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What special powers do independent regulatory commissions possess?

Independent Regulatory CommissionsRegulatory Commissions have a special place in the federal bureaucracy. They are independent of the three branches of government. The President appoints the members with Senate approval. Unlike other bureaucrats, these agencies do not report to the executive branch and the President cannot fire them. Members of the commissions serve for a fixed term. The independent regulatory commissions were created to make rules for large businesses that effect the interest of the public. Not only do they regulate the conduct of these industries but they have the power to determine who will receive licenses to operate. They also have the power to investigate these businesses they regulate. Examples of Independent Regulatory Commissions are the Federal Communications Commission and the Federal Reserve Board. MrV

What is an Independent Regulatory Commission?

members hired by the president, can be impeached by Congress, and they do not have to report to the president; they work for public safety. PSSSST!... btw it's just called a regulatory board or commission. not and independent reg. b or c.

What was the official government investigation of President Kennedy's assassination?

Warren Commission Report Report of the President's Commission on the Assassination of President Kennedy

What is the job responsibilities of PRO?

PRO retains its responsibilities in the following areas:Capacity - supporting Aboriginal communities and other northerners to improve their organizational ability to participate in the project.Partnership - establishing effective working relationships with other government departments, Aboriginal groups, industry and regulatory boards for the project.Environment - coordinating INAC input into the review of the JRP report and the regulatory review of project applications.Research - supporting science and research in relation to pipeline review, construction and operation.

What branch of U.S government does the cabinet report to?

The cabinet reports to the President. (actually they are supposed to report to the president, but they actually report to the Federal Reserve.)

Who should you report the transgression to?

You should report the transgression to the appropriate authority or supervisor in your organization. If the issue is a serious misconduct or violation of the law, you may also need to report it to law enforcement or regulatory agencies.

What has the author Max Thelen written?

Max Thelen has written: 'Report on leading railroad and public service commissions by Max Thelen, attorney for Railroad commission, state of California' -- subject(s): Public service commissions, Railroads

There are four different kinds of bureaucracies Which of these do the others report to?

In the United States of America, there are four different kinds of bureaucracies: departments, independent agencies, independent regulatory commissions, and government corporations. While departments were originally intended to be the largest and most important of government bureaucracies, many independent agencies are larger in terms of both staffs and budgets than many departments.

Who do fedreal agencies report too?

President or Vice President

How do you report cyberbullying regarding an entry found in

Go on the community forum and click report vandalism and abuse to start a new topic, or contact a supervisor on message boards.

Are foreign ministers accountable to the president?

Yes. They report to the President and subject to his direction.

Does the OMB report to the president?

Yes-- The Office of Management and Budget reports to the President.