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Mary Tudor never did become Queen of France. Only Queen of England. Mary Queen of Scots, Mary Stewart became Queen of France the age of 17.

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Q: How old was Mary Tudor when she became queen of France?
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Who was once the queen of France and England?

The queen of France and England is Mary Tudor

Who did Catherine of Aragon give birth to?

Her daughter, Mary Tudor, who became Queen Mary I. ( & this is not Mary, Queen of Scots)

How old was Mary Tudor when she became queen?

37 :) ! all the class at school have just worked this question out.

What happenen on 17th November 1558?

Queen Mary I (TUDOR) died and Queen Elizabeth I (Mary's half sister) became Queen.

When Mary Tudor became Queen who did she marry?

Mary Tudor, Queen of France Her first marriage, to the 52 year old King Louis XII of France, was at Abbeville in France Oct 9th 1514 Her second marriage, to Charles Brandon, Duke of Suffolk, took place twice. The first (secret) marriage was in France and the second official one was at Greenwich Palace, London in 1515. Mary, Queen of England was also known as Mary Tudor. She married Prince Philip of Spain in Winchester Cathedral 25 July 1554

Who was Mary Tudor's father?

There were several Mary Tudors. Henry VIII had a sister named Mary Tudor who became Queen of France whose father was King Henry VII Henry VIII had a daughter with Katharine of Aragon who was named Mary as well and who became Queen of England.

When was Queen Mary Tudor born?

Queen Mary Tudor was born Feb. 18, 1516.

How did Mary queen of Scots become queen of France?

She had married Francis, the eldest son of the King of France. When he became king of France she became Queen Consort (ie wife of the king). She was also Queen of Scotland as Mary I in her own right (Queen Regnant)

Who was Mary Tudors great grandfather?

Which Mary Tudor? many people wrongly call Queen Mary I of England "Mary Tudor" monarchs don't have last names, thus the only Mary Tudor is Mary, Queen of France the sister of Henry VIII. in ether case the Great Grandfathers of Queen Mary I of England were Edmund Tudor, 1st Earl of Richmond, King Edward IV of England, King John II (The Great) of Aragon, and King John II of Castile the Great Grandfathers of Mary Tudor, Queen of France were Sir Owen Meredith Tudor, John Beaufort, 1st Duke of Somerset, Richard Plantagenet, 3rd Duke of York, and Richard Woodville, 1st Earl Rivers

Was mary queen of scotts elizabeths sister?

No, although she did have a sister called Mary who became Queen of England. Mary Queen of Scots was related to the Tudor line, she was Henry VIII's sister's granddaughter.

How was Mary Tudor connected to the Tudor family?

there are two women named Mary Tudor, The first was Mary Tudor, Queen of France, Duchess of Suffolk was was born 18 March 1496 and was the youngest child of King Henry VII the first Tudor Monarch she died in 25 June 1533, the second Mary Tudor was Queen Mary I of England, she was born 18 February 1516 and was the oldest child of King Henry VIII the second Tudor Monarch and son of King Henry VII, Queen Mary I died 17 November 1558

Which three of Henry vii children survived?

The three children of Henry VII who survived to adulthood were: Henry VIII, who became king and is known for his six marriages and the English Reformation. Margaret Tudor, who married James IV of Scotland and became the grandmother of Mary, Queen of Scots. Mary Tudor, who married Louis XII of France and later Charles Brandon, Duke of Suffolk.