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Segregation of Powers.


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Q: What theory says Power is dangerous countered by virtue?
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What is the root meaning of the word virtue?

The word virtue comes from a Latin root meaning strength or power.

When was Dangerous Power created?

Dangerous Power was created on 2007-06-29.

The power or virtue an individual acquires through living in harmony with Tao is?


What theory is the type of theory of power that argues that many people have access to power?


What is Max Weber's theory of management and theory about power?

Power is held by bureaucrats and administrators. == ==

Is legitimate power dominant when subordinates are obliged to comply by virtue of a boss' authority?


What theory of power argue that power is spread among many people?

The theory of government that argues that power is spread among different groups within a society is known as the pluralist theory.

What according to Friedrich Nietzsche is the source of all virtue?

According to Friedrich Nietzsche, the source of all virtue is individual self-mastery. He believed that true virtue comes from a person's ability to overcome societal norms and restrictions to create their own values and meaning in life. Nietzsche valued autonomy and personal empowerment as the key sources of virtue.

Which theory about the origins of government holds that government was created by divine power?

Divine Right Theory is the theory about the origins of government that it was created by divine power.

What are the aspects of power differential theory?

There are several aspects to this theory. Some of them include the amount of power differences or the extent of domain, the method used to have power, and the arena of power.

Define Power Transition Theory?

power transition theory base on two assumptions, one is the relative power, the dominating power which owns the most capital and resources

What virtue does wonder woman represent?

The Amazon honor and truth concept- and of course Feminine Power.