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The Executive Branch of government implements the laws passed by the Legislative Branch.

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Q: Who implements the law in the separation of power?
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What is the relation between separation of power and administrative law?

First, what is doctrine of separation of power? It can be define as separate 3 government institution into 3 different arms that is Legislative body, executive body and judicial body to prevent power concentrate into 1 government institution and prevent abuse of power. Doctrine of separation of power is a basic of administrative law L- to make law, E- enforces and administrates law & J- settle legal dispute. None of them is powerful that each other it is because these 3 government institution carry its function to check and balance

Congress has power to introduce and pass law. this president has the responsibility of enforcing all federal law. this is an example of?

separation of powers

Who implements the law?

Enforcement, judgment and sentencing.

How many pages does Separation of Power have?

Separation of Power has 368 pages.

What is the name of the power that the constitution gives the government?

The power that us given the states is call your mom

When was Separation of Power created?

Separation of Power was created on 2001-10-01.

Legal separation can you have a relationship with legal separation?

There is no law that prevents you from having a relationship when you are separated.

What is separation of law?

Separation of law is the process or act of "vesting" all the legislative, executive, judicial powers or laws of government in separate areas.

Separation of power involves the separation of what?

the first 10 amendments are called what?

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state and explain briefly three principles of the rule of law?

equality before the law, accountability to the law, and separation of power i-Equality Before The Law: it means an individual should be treated in precisely the same manner before the law. ii-Accountability to the law: it means respect for principles of legality and legal process that characterize the British constitution. iii-separation of powers: the vesting of the legislative, executives, and judiciary powers of government in separate bodies