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The question I have for you is why would you want to do this? I understand that you think that this narcissist is bad news, but your question specifies the other person involved is "willing". Perhaps you do not understand the dynamics of the relationship properly. Maybe you are meddling where you shouldn't. Take a look at your reasons for doing this before proceeding. I understand what you are asking since I used to be one of those "willing" victims who was dazzled by the narcissist's charm. Lots of people did try to warn me that I was being used, but I was too much in the thrall of the narcissist. It took 8 years and 2 divorces before I came to my senses. Sadly I don't think you yourself can save the victim of a narcissist. The victim has to save themselves. You can tell them what you know during a time when they seem willing to listen, and hope they will eventually save themselves. Most do eventually get out. It is easy to get away from a narcissist once the charm wears thin and you finally see through them. The more frequently the victims hear the truth from others, the more likely they will get out sooner. When they finally do get out, they will be a lot wiser. Personal boundaries might be a good neutral topic to discuss with the victim of a narcissist, since that is one area where a narcissist runs rampant over his victim. If the victim realized how much his/her personal boundaries are being ignored, the victim could begin to put two and two together.

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2006-05-04 10:50:21
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Q: How do you separate a narcissist from his willing victim?
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Is it necessarily true that those involved with a narcissist have low self-esteem?

No, not at all. Many people get involved with a narcissist not knowing that they are a narcissist. You can have very high self esteem when you meet these people. They are cunning charmers and it can take you quite some time to work out what they're about. In the process of it all though if you become a victim of the "N"s ways your self esteem may plummet. You may start to question who you are. It can chip away at your self esteem before you even realize it's happening.

Does a narcissist ever really forget her victim does a narcissist ever really let go does a narcissist ever write of their victim?

Do narcissists ever let go of a victim? The answer yes and no. As long as the narc feels you have any intrest in them and you can be manipulated by them such as guilt tripping, feeling sorry for them, will allow them to conjole, or cause any emotions in you whether anger, sympathy, empathy or any attention they will not let go or write you off. Narcs are users period. As long as you are a source of supply for anything they will try and add you to their list of suppliers. The only way to be written off by a narc is if you are replaced with a better source of whatever they were using you for, such as money,sex, service to immediate family members, friends or someone they consider a trophy to enhanse their public image. When with a narc, you will feel like yard dog, taxi driver, money supplier, dildo with a heart beat, door Matt and for all you supply to them will be taken for granted. They are ingrates and feel entitled to all they can get and have no remorse or gratitude.

What do you call a person that is only attracted to their self?

A narcissist.

Can you have a relationship with a narcissist?

Yes, you can have a relationship with a narcissist, but will it be a fulfilling one? I was in a relationship with a narcissist and it completely drained my energy! They are so in love with themselves, they can do no wrong and they expect you to cater to their needs and their wants only. If they pamper you and give you things, it is for their own gain. Do not be fooled, these people do not know how to love anyone.

If you know people who are being hurt by a narcissist should you tell those people that he is a narcissist?

Yes. Otherwise they'll get deeper and deeper into it. At lease they have a fighting chance if you tell them.

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Can anyone be a victim of a narcissist if NO why if YES then who?

Yes anyone can be a supply for them,anyone that is Not a narcissist ,and to be a victim you just need to be a human being with feelings.

Does narcissist regret losing their source of supply?

A narcissist does not have a conscience. They will find a new source of narcissist supply or already have another source as a back up if they no longer can obtain the fix from the current victim.

What does it say about you if you are willing to stay with a narcissist?

u love playing second fiddle

Is there a cure for narcissistic personality disorder?

There is no cure. Intensive talk therapy may help but the narcissist must recognize their problem and be willing to make changes. The problem is that by their very nature a narcissist cannot admit there is anything wrong with them or their behavior.There is no cure. Intensive talk therapy may help but the narcissist must recognize their problem and be willing to make changes. The problem is that by their very nature a narcissist cannot admit there is anything wrong with them or their behavior.There is no cure. Intensive talk therapy may help but the narcissist must recognize their problem and be willing to make changes. The problem is that by their very nature a narcissist cannot admit there is anything wrong with them or their behavior.There is no cure. Intensive talk therapy may help but the narcissist must recognize their problem and be willing to make changes. The problem is that by their very nature a narcissist cannot admit there is anything wrong with them or their behavior.

What is the draw that a Narcissist has on people?

It's not a draw -- its a lure. A predatory lure.-------------------------The narcissist uses five main tools. These are gifts, affection, withdrawal, threats and violence and in exactly this order. 1. Gifts: Gifts can be used in two ways. They can either be a symbol of submission or a symbol of demand. Free people generally do not give gifts because they have what they want and do not want to submit nor demand. The communication between the victim and the narcissist is based upon gifts. The narcissist gives gifts in order to make the victim depended. The victim in return accepts these gifts and returns far greater gifts in order to accept this submission. The altruist on the other hand simply helps but does not give gifts either. Sometimes these "gifts" can be flattery, good words, support and yes … "love." (faked of course) 2. Affection: The narcissist very early on claims soulmate-ship, special connection, ultimate love. Or he makes the victim believe these things without outright declaration. Everything seems incredible and unbelievable - a dream come true.Free people might show each other affection but generally feel comfortable with themselves. They might enjoy the company of someone but will stay focused on their own interests. The victim is needy (co-dependent) due to some childhood, current or past abuse(s). The narcissist is not needy in terms of affection but need for admiration within the group of chosen victims (his partner/spouse, family members, "friends", co-workers, VICTIMS) where the narcissist keeps his or her spider-web. However, the narcissist gives this affection in order to draw the victim into this spider web. This is a difficult time for the narcissist because the narcissist cannot be truly intimate with anyone. Ever. Hence, intimacy is replaced by sex. 3. Withdrawal: Once the victim's dependency is re-directed onto the narcissist, the narcissist begins to withdraw. Step by step the supposed closeness is disappearing. The victim experiences this as a great loss and the narcissist finds him or herself on a high. The narcissist thinks something like: "I on't have to give gifts, I don't have to show affection, and yet I am being admired." 4. Threats: The victim who remains needy is in shock that no affection is shown to him or her by the narcissist and starts to withdraw him- or herself. Now the narcissist starts to panic because the admiration seems to be diminishing and (s)he starts to threaten the victim. These threats are of the kind: "You are a liar. You said you loved me but now you obviously don't" or "if you loved me you'd believe me" or "you don't understand how bad I feel that you have withdrawn" or "if you loved me you would (something far outside the victim's comfort zone; usually sexually) Now, the narcissist resorts back to the first tools including gifts and sex and threatens that they will be withheld. Strangely enough, this has already happened but the narcissist will try to convince the victim that all is as it always used to be. In this sense these threats are imaginary only. 5. Violence: At one point the narcissist will fail to convince the victim any longer by means of persuasion, brainwashing and changed perception. Now the narcissist will resort to violence. This is the stage when abuse in the common sense takes place. This includes blocking out the victim, seducing the victim's friends, lying about the victim, rude or sarcastic comments to the victim, demanding abusive (things the victim would not normally do) sexual favors from the victim, bad mouthing, threatening them or their families or friends, hacking their email, hacking any websites, stalking them online, posting slander about them online and using the police with selective information provided by the narcissist. by Dr. Ludger Hofmann-Engl

What are the release dates for Justice - 1954 The Willing Victim 3-22?

Justice - 1954 The Willing Victim 3-22 was released on: USA: 11 March 1956

Can a Narcissist be rehabilitated?

As long as the narcissist is seeking councelling and they are WILLING to be there. They can change and make great improvements, however, they will never be normal. That is the price one pays for thinking that they are a god.

Does the narcissist deliberately set out to emotionally destroy his victim or is it just a by-product of their behavior?

Depends if he is also a sadist or not.

Would a narcissist empathize with his victim?

No, they could care less what they do to you. They don't have empathy! They could care less what they do to you or how they hurt you.

How do you cure a narcissist?

The narcissist doesnt feel like there is anything to cure! Only if they are willing to seek help is there any hope at all. Otherwise they are doomed to be miserable.

Why do some Narcissists stalk and harass while others want nothing to do with you?

Narcissists are just not a group with the same rules, but are individuals. One narcissist may stalk because he's ticked off his victim got away and this has burst his/her bubble, while another Narcissist will be on the lazy side or know he/she can land another victim quickly. They either want to get even or they have tired of their victim.

Who is the most outrageous person in the world?

the first willing victim of Michael Jackson.

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