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Absolutely! Women are equally capable of taking care of themselves.

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Q: Is it okay for a woman to not have to be dependent on a man?
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Either is okay.

Should a woman hug a man?

The answer to that question is dependent entirely on the mores of the society in which the man AND woman live, the relationship between the man and the woman and the situation in which the woman finds herself feeling that it's okay to hug a man. In some cultures, a man and woman should never touch if they are not related or married. In other cultures, it is quite normal for a woman to hug a man in certain situations, such as when congratulating for a joyous occasion, offering condolences for a significant loss or even as a form of greeting. It is seldom appropriate for a woman to hug a man in a workplace environment.

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If that is what both parties agree as being okay.....than yes a man can suck on a woman's breast.

Is it okay for a woman to ask a man to marry her?

yes of course! Everyone is different!

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Yes it most certainly is.

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* Because a woman is naturally weaker than a man, and if a man was to hit a woman it would be unfair. * Unless the woman is defending herself no woman has the right to hit a man in anger and it's considered physical abuse.

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Man or woman, girl or a boy is not okay to cheat. It's immoral and this is not the right way to have a life with someone...

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Of course its ok. Who says that its not ok?

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An Aries man appreciates the more dependent woman who values and follows his opinion and advice. If you are an independent woman who makes her own decisions, this is not always well received by the Aries man.

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Yes it is okay

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yes it is as long as the women and man are both ok with it ,we men like it soft then faster just go ahead xx

What will you do when a woman says she does not love you?


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