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multiple identities


name calling

scare tactics


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Advantages of mass media

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Photographic and digital media has been used to both create and also deconstruct visual stereotypes how

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Q: What are the six types of propaganda?
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What types of propaganda exist today?

I don't know any types of propaganda but it still exists today.

What are six common propaganda techniques?

Six common propaganda technique include loaded words, bandwagon, and plain folk. Testimonials, transfer, and name calling are other common propaganda techniques.

What types of propaganda did Hitler use?

racismAdditional anserRacism is not propaganda. But you might use propaganda to convince people that certain races are not good - as Hitler did.

What types of propaganda does the government use?

See links below.

What were some famous types of Nazi propaganda?

The Nazi propaganda came in many different forms. Mein Kampf by Adolf Hilter was a propaganda tool. Joseph Goebbels's Der Angriff was also a crude form of propaganda.

What are the six types of nutrients?

The six types of nutrients are: WaterProteinsCarbohydratesFatVitaminsMinerals

What are six types of saxophones?

The six types of saxophones are:sopraninosopranoaltotenorbaritonebass

How many types of propaganda are used by Interest Groups to influence people?


What are types of propaganda were used during ww1?

== == * Newspaper Articles * Political Cartoons

What types of propaganda influence the way people thought about war?

library, YouTube

What three types of anti-german propaganda was used during World War 1?

Three types of anti-German propaganda used during World War I were pictures, literature, and film. Pamphlets were the main form of propaganda in the first years of the war, and were distributed to various foreign countries.

What types of propaganda did the US use to get support for the war?

The US mainly used propaganda depicting the Germans as savage barbarians with no morals and the U.S. soldier as the angel of peace

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