Influence in a sentence

Updated: 5/1/2024
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Often, elder sibling influence the behavior of their younger siblings

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Influence is the power or capacity to have an effect on someone or something.

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Q: Influence in a sentence
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Related questions

How do you put influence in to a sentence?

Sally's influence affected the behaviour of Jack.

How do you write a sentence with influence?

That producer hefts some mighty heavy influence in the industry.

What part of a sentence influence the meaning of a word?

The context of the sentence, the surrounding words, and the grammatical structure of the sentence can all influence the meaning of a word. In addition, the tone, emphasis, and punctuation in a sentence can also affect how a word is understood.

Use Influence in a sentence?

Don't let alcohol and drugs influence you in becoming nothing in the future.

What is a sentence of disruptive?

Bad teacher has a disruptive influence on children.

How use the word influence in a sentence?

Her positive attitude and strong work ethic have had a significant influence on the team's productivity.

What is the future tense of influence?

will influence: I will influence the judges decision.going to influence: I am going to influence the judges influencing: He is influencing the judges decision by taking him to dinner tomorrow. (maybe not a good example sentence)

How do you use influence in a sentence?

It is easy to spot the heavy Latino influence on Texas culture.

Could you make me a sentence for the word influence?

Her positive influence on her friends motivated them to pursue their dreams and goals.

What is is sentence influency?

Verb - I think John influenced some of his friends.Noun - That had very little influence on our decision.Jim is a bad influence.

How would you use iota in a sentence?

Not one iota of influence can be gained from this.

Is this sentence grammatically correct- there are two situations which influence your dream?

"There are two situations which influence your dream." Grammatically correct; logically unsound.