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If you're a wolf, definitely. If you're a human, you have a human soul.

AnswerYou can't be born with a wolf spirit inside you! If a person thinks that, they must have a problem and they should go seek for some help!


I don't think you can have a full wolf spirit, but you can have the personality of one


You indeed can. Your soul animal will speak to you if you ask it to.


I believe that it is possible to have an animal spirit inside you that matches your personality.


I believe that it is very possible to born bodily as a human, but spiritually as a wolf. We all have an animal spirit, that could even be our own spirit!


There is no wolf spirit, just a spirit that once belonged to a wolf (in the previous life if you believe it).


This subject is a matter of belief, not fact.


There are many religions and beliefs that hold to the idea of spirit guides, that each one of us has one or more that walk with us whether we believe or even know that they are there. Some come to us and stay with us and others come and go as they are needed for whatever lesson we must learn. As long as I can remember I have felt a powerful link to wolves as if I was one of them. Everyone even tells me I act like a wolf. Whether I was born with the spirit of the wolf or not i don't know but I know that the spirit of the wolf is within me. The wolf guides me and is a part of me and if you feel the wolf inside of you then the spirit of the wolf walks with you and guides you and it should not matter whether you were born with the spirit or not Wolf walks with you now. Let Wolf teach you for he/she has come to you for a reason.


I have a friend who has and mingles with his wolf spirit. He has the ability to see other spirits and claims that mine is also a wolf. I believe it so since I have always been fascinated with them! I have wolf characteristics but when I try to see my wolf spirit she doesn't show herself. My friend says I just have to tap into my inner core but I don't know how.. he also says that there are many different ways to tap into your inner core you just need to figure it out yourself.

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Q: Is it possible to be born with a wolf spirit inside you?
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