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clinical psychology such as MS in clinical psychology
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Q: Scientists working in counseling centers independent or group practices or hospitals often specialize in which field of psychology?
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What do most scientists specialize in?

They specialize in science

What schools specialize in school counseling?

South Rockhampton College for the Blind

Scientists who specialize in the study of fossils are called?


Which companies specialize in bankruptcy credit counseling?

There are many companies that specialize in bankruptcy credit counseling. Companies that specialize in bankruptcy credit counseling include Alliance Credit Counseling, American Consumer Credit Counseling, and Approved Bankruptcy Certification Services.

Where can I find information on business debt counseling?

A business debt counseling center will have credit counselors that specialize in helping small businesses get out of debt and to optimize their profits.

What does The Chicago School of Professional Psychology specialize in teaching?

The school of professional psychology is specialised in Psychology. They offer more than 20 degrees to psychology and normal science. There are more than 4000 people going to this school.

What classes are required for a counselor certification?

It depends on what kind of counselor you want to be. For most any counseling program, you will need an undergraduate background in psychology or another social science, so I recommend majoring in this subject. At the bare minimum, most counseling jobs require a Master's degree, either in counseling or in social work with an emphasis on counseling. Depending on what you want to specialize in (mental health, addiction, school counseling, career, and so on) there will be different paths you follow. Your best bet is to speak to someone in the career and academic advising office at your school to get you on the right track.

What companies specialize in consumer credit counseling?

American Consumer Credit Counseling, Horizon Credit Counseling, Christian Debt Counselors and Clear Point Financial Solutions are all consumer credit counseling. Each of these companies is also classified as a non-profit organization.

What is studied by Earth scientists who specialize in tectonics?

Several things are studied by Earth scientists who specialize in tectonics. Plate boundaries, plate tectonics, boundaries, continental drift, mountains, and volcanoes are all studied.

What career options are available to you if you specialize in abnormal psychology?

This depends mostly on which degree you terminate your education at.

What is the meaning of pediatric psychology?

Pediatric means "pertaining to child", and psychology is the study, analysis and treatment of emotional disorders. So, Pediatric Psychology is the study, analysis and treatment of emotional disorders in children, or child psychology. Many psychologists specialize in child psychology, rather than general psychology.

Is multicultural psychology one of the branches in psychology?

A multicultural perspective is often adopted by the different branches of psychology. Although there are a few programs that specialize in the area of multicultural perspectives, it is usually incorporated into other branches.

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