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Q: The detection of physical energy emitted or reflected by physical objects is called?
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Do you see objects due to reflected light?

It is the light reflected from them that enables us to see objects.

How does your eyeball see?

Light emitted or reflected by objects in the surroundings causes reactions in the rod and cone cells in the retina. These reactions send electrical impulses to the brain, which interprets them as an image.

Do some colors absorb light more than others?

Yes; what we see as the colour of an object is the light that it has reflected or re-emitted. "White" objects reflect all wavelengths of light evenly, while black objects absorb all of it.

Emitted by hot objects?

I still want barbecue

Can light be reflected off all types of objects?

No, not objects that are opaque.

What causes the apparent colors of the objects we see?

What we perceive as color is specific wavelengths of light. Objects either emit or reflect light. Again depending on which wavelengths are either emitted or reflected is the color(s) we see. In emitted colors, a given source emits light. If all wavelengths are emitted then what we see is white. The object may emit specific wavelengths of light or it may use some sort of filter that allows only specific wavelengths to pass through and blocks all others. In reflected colors. the object or pigments of or on an object absorb all light wavelengths except certain ones. Those that are not trapped and are reflected or refracted back (as in the case of rainbows) we perceive as color(s).

The light that bounces off objects is?

Light that bounces off objects is said to be reflected by those objects.

What is viewing the light reflected by any object relative to the light reflected by surrounding objects is most necessary for experiencing?

To experience lightness constancy, it is necessary to view the light reflected by any object relative to the light reflected by surrounding objects. Lightness constancy is defined as the tendency to perceive little variation in the lightness of objects.

How does a sonar works in a boat or a ship?

Sonar is the technique of listening to sounds underwater to detrmine what is there. In passive sonar, objects not generating any sound will not be detected. Active sonar means that sound waves are generated and emitted. The device then listens for the sound being reflected back. That detects objects such as obstructions/rocks as well as other boats or underwater objects. The reflected wave is measured and the time delay noted as well as the direction of the reflected sound wave. These give the user a very good idea of the type, size as well as speed of the object.

Which part of electromagnetic spectrum is emitted by warm objects?

IR, mostly.

Objects in space that can only be viewed from earth because of reflected light energy are said to be what?

Objects in space that can only be viewed from earth becouse of reflected light energy are said to be

Why can't we see objects in a darkened room?

In order to see, the eye must receive light; and darkness is the absence of light. Most of the objects we see around us are visible by reflected light -- reflected sunlight or reflected artificial light. Since darkness is the absence of light, there is no light in the darkness to be reflected from chairs, tables, or people to our eyes, and therefore we can not see these objects.

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