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its the sympathetic nervous system

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Q: These physical reactions are triggered by what system?
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What are some physical reactions?

physical reactions are reactions that handle physically

What is the nervous system triggered to respond to?

The nervous system is triggered to respond to stimuli.

What are your reactions about the physical assessment?

what are your reactions about discussing physical assessment?

What type of reaction is Anger is what type of physical reaction?

Anger is a physical reaction. and it is not chemical. i like physical reactions and chemical reactions.

What are 5 chemical reactions and 5 physical reactions?

Physical Reactions: cutting, folding, grinding, dissolving, melting Chemical Reactions: burning, exploding, rusting, corroding, cooking

Is reactions a chemical or physical?

Chemical reactions are chemical processes.

Is electromotive a physical or a chemical property?

Its a physical property as it is not involved with chemical reactions.

Physical and chemical reactions?

Physical reactions involve having something to do with the ingredients insides or outsides Chemical reactions involve having to do with changing the ingredients form or what it is made of.

When is an inflammatory response triggered?

The inflammatory response system is triggered when Mast cells release histamines and heparin.

What are examples of chemical reaction?

Reactions that are not chemical reactions are physical reactions. These reactions involve a change in only the physical state of an element, not its chemical properties. Thus, physical changes include freezing, condensation, sublimation, hammering a metal into a sheet, cutting sodium metal, etc.

What are some differences between physical and chemical reactions?

1.Physical reactions are always reversible while chemical reactions are always irreversible(With few reactions being reversible). 2.In physical reaction no new substance is formed while in chemical reaction a new substance is formed.

What are the two types of reactions?

the two types of reactions are chemical reaction and physical reaction.

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