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the third variable problem is when an unintentional third variable influences two separate variables that are being measured. this causes a random and coincidental relationship between the two variables.

An example would be as ice cream consumption goes up the number of drownings also goes up. the unintentional third variable in this case would be the heat.

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Q: Third variable problem
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Moderation occurs when the relationship between two variable depends on a third variable. The third variable is referred to as the moderate variable or simply the moderator

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What is an apparent although false association between two variable that is caused by some third variable?

Spurious Correlation.

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To swap two numbers N1 and N2, using a third variable T... T = N1; N1 = N2; N2 = T;

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the simple way can be explained by example as: let there be two integers as : int a=10,b=5; if we want to use third variable then let third variable be int c; and sorting is done as : c=a; a=b; b=c; if it is to be done by without using third variable then : a=a+b; b=a-b; a=a-b; at last the variable is sorted.

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This is called 'third party' variable or 'strange' variable. This unrelated variable necessarily influences a particular independent and dependent variable relationship. For e.g. in law of demand, the relationship is between the price and demand but the extraneous variable such as income, taste and preferences, season and other will influence the demand for a project. This means the dependent variable demand is not only affected by its independent variable - price, but also the extraneous variable.

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