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Psyche was not allowed to look at her husband when they sleep together. But her sisters urged her to figure out if her husband is the monster that they think he is. Then, when Psyche shone the light on her husband, she found out that she was with Eros/Cupid. But because of an agreement Eros/Cupid had with his mother, he now has to leave Psyche. The result of this was that in order to get her husband back, Psyche had to do tasks for Aphrodite, Cupid's mother, who hated her.

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Psyche's sisters told her to uncover the true identity of her husband, whom she had never seen in the light. They filled her with doubt and urged her to sneak a peek at him while he slept, under the guise of protecting herself.

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Q: What did Psyche's sisters tell her to do?
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Psyche's sisters persuade her to uncover the true identity of her mysterious husband by looking at him while he sleeps, despite being warned not to do so. Their envy and curiosity lead Psyche to ultimately break her husband's trust and face the consequences.

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