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The Amygdala is the brain structure that is located near the hippocampus and is responsible for fear and memory of fear.

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What is declarative memory

About how many different pieces of information can a person hold in working memory at one time

What is the capacity of the long-term memory system

What term is used to describe the process the mind goes through to change data input from the senses to a form the brain can use

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Q: What is the brain structure called that is located near the hippocampus responsible for fear responses and memory of fear?
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What is the name of the brain structure located near the hippocampus that is responsible for fear responses and memory of fear?


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Research study shows that these things are true. • It is third biological approach to determine personality. • Physiologists and psychologists felt that biological functions like brainwave patterns, gastric and hormonal secretions, and fluctuations in blood pressure and skin temperature were beyond conscious control. Recent research shows that these functions can be consciously controlled through biofeedback techniques. • For this purpose, individual can learns the internal rhythms of a particular body process through electronic signals that are feedback from equipment which is wired to body. • In this process, the person can learn to control the body process through questions. • It is one of the interesting topics to do future research work in personality. • It is third biological approach to determine personality. • It is vital ingredient of the personality, it focus an individual person's external appearance which also determined the personality. • Physical features like tall or short, fat or skinny, black or white. These physical features will be influenced the personal effect on others and also affect self concept of individual. • Recent research studies shows that definitely this features influence to individual personality in an organization. In totally, heredity would be fixed at birth and no amount of experience can be altering them through creation of suitable environment. Apart from this, personality characteristics are not completely dictated by heredity. There are other factors also influenced to determining personality. "Each culture expects, and trains, its members to behave in ways that are acceptable to the group. 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What is the name of the brain structure located near the hippocampus that is responsible for fear responses and memory of fear?


What is the location of hippocampus in brain?

The hippocampus is located in the medial temporal lobe of the brain

Where is the hippocampus located?

It is located in the medial temporal lobe.

Is the hippocampus a part of the cerebral cortex as some texts say or is it within the temporal lobe as other texts say or is it somehow both or neither or what?

The hippocampus in Latin means seahorse. There are two, each located in the medial temporal lobes. It is responsible for long-term memory. It is a person's hard drive. The hippocampus is also part of the limbic system. A person who loses the hippocampus cannot store any new memories. The hippocampus is considered to be part of the cerebral cortex in most vertebrates but it is located in the medial temporal lobe in primates. The hippocampus is the more ancient part of the cerebral cortex. It depends on whether you're speaking about a vertebrate or primate where this is located.

Seat of memory in the human brain is located?


Where is the hippocampus located at?

It's located in the medial temporal lobe in the brain. Hope it helps! :)

What is the structure that carries deoxygenated blood to the lung?

The structure that is responsible for carrying deoxygentaed blood from the lungs is the right atrium. The right atrium is located inside of the right side of the heart.

What is the main structure located in mediastinum?

The main structure located within the mediastinum is the heart.

When a structure is located in front of another structure it is considered to be?


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Depends on the structure it is located in

What Is located within the temporal lobe on each side of the brain and if electrically stimulated it may produce dream-like or memory-like experiences?


Where is each structure located?


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