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Clinical psychologists practice therapy and assess mental illnesses, whereas other types of psychologists might do research, teach, work for the government or law enforcement, etc.

Clinical psychologists don't actually work in clinics. They typically work in what might be considered the "science" part of psychology. Generally, PhD's are clinical psychologists. Most professors and researchers are clinical psychologists. Counseling psychologists are the ones who work in clinics (ironically). Counseling psychologists work with clients to assess and treat mental health.

Industrial/Organizational Psychology typically work within corporations to help them work together more efficiently. They research and improve work environments, they might add to marketing, they used to be the human resource department but not so much any more.

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Generally speaking they are both the same. Sometimes colleges call it abnormal psychology and sometimes it is called clinical psychology.

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Q: What makes clinical psychology to be different from other field of psychology?
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Scope of clinical psychology in Pakistan?

Psychology is a vast field in which you will find a number of other areas on which you can focus and specialize. Clinical psychology is the most rising area in a country like Pakistan. However Organizational psychology, Counselling, Forensic have also gained importance but the status Clinical Psychology has gained over the years is tremendous. Number of universities are offering Msc. , MS, and Phd degree in Clinical Psychology. Major cities where these cources are available are Islamabad, Karachi, Lahore, Peshawer, Faislabad and etc. Such degree in Clinical Psychology helps the students to get detailed knowledge regarding this domain. It makes the students eligeble enough to recognize the psychological disorders in clients/patients by knowing about their symptoms. Moreover, students get to know about the practical setting by working as internees in different organizations. Afterwards they can apply in various hospital and also work in private clinics. I pakistan they can also apply in Pakistan army, airforce and navy. They can also apply in different institutes and universities and work by showing some teaching skills.

How do base rates affect the ability to make accurate predictions in clinical psychology?

In clinical psychology you are trying to find a smaller sample of the population, or smaller base rate. It makes accurate predictions harder to find.

What is the importance of studying psychology?

The importance of studying psychology is quite simple - in a clinical sense, studying the human brain, and gaining a better understanding of it, can help clinical psychologists treat and cure psychological problems.Here are some things that are important about psychology:Studying the human mind makes you able to predict how people will act and how they will react to youStudying the human mind makes you able to understand how humans get along and how to get along better with othersStudying the human mind makes you able to understand mental illness and how to treat it or deal with it

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What makes library research different from field research?

A library research is a research in the library while field research is research in the field.....................

Is psychology humanities?

No what makes you think that ?

How to Solve Crimes without becoming a Cop?

Forensic Psychology is the perfect field for anyone who wonders what makes criminals tick, or wants to help catch a serial killer by constructing a personality profile of the suspect. The field is a mix of Criminology/Criminal Justice and Psychology, and requires, at minimum, a Master's degree. Frequently, positions in Forensic Psychology require a PhD., so anyone planning a career in Forensic Psychology should be prepared to spend many years in college.

What does contemporary psychology mean?

what contemporary psychology mean? Up-to-date/ present day

What makes psychology as a science?

It is the study of the mind.

What is psychology of education?

psychology of education is a science that studies behavior and what goes on in the mind that makes behavior to occur in relation to education.

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There are many great internship opportunities at the Chicago School of Professional Psychology. There are many different varieties of internships, so it makes the search all the worth while.

A degree in psychology?

I'm a psychology major and i love it. as for your question i am confused, but i suggest it. it makes you look at life in an entirely new way. i suggest looking up different departments in psychology because you can do so much with it. you can go for a bachelor's, master's, a doctorate, it's even great to have as a minor.