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observable experiences

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What is declarative memory

About how many different pieces of information can a person hold in working memory at one time

What is the capacity of the long-term memory system

What term is used to describe the process the mind goes through to change data input from the senses to a form the brain can use

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Q: What were the focus of Watson's behaviorism?
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Watsons belief that psychology should focus only on overt behavior became the foundation of which perspective?


Theoretical orientations asserts that scientific psychology should focus on the study of observable behavior?


What are some ways to describe behaviorism?

Behaviorism can be described as the theory that the study of psychology should focus exclusively on observable behavior, rather than try to evaluate what is taking place inside a person's mind. Behaviorism has many different branches, with some focusing on behavior as a conditioned response that can be created independent of cognitive processes and others looking more at behaviorism as an extension of cognitive processes.

Do you capitalize 'behaviorism'?

No. Behaviorism is a common noun.

Introspection is to structuralism as what is to behaviorism?

Introspection is to structuralism as observation is to behaviorism.

Who is the founder of behaviorism?

J B Watson was the founder of behaviorism.

What is theory of truth of behaviorism?

theory of truth about behaviorism

Why did humanists not like behaviorism?

they believed behaviorism degrades humans

Principles of behaviorism?

The three principles of Behaviorism are: Stimulus => Response => Reward

What are the 5 basic assumptions of behaviorism?

a. Personality is defined in terms of behavior b. Behavior (personality) is determined by external factors in the environment c. Changing environmental conditions will change people. d. Behavior change occurs throughout the lifespan. e. The focus of Behaviorism is the experiences

What are the tenets of behaviorism?

The main tenet of behaviorism states that observable behavior should be studied instead of the unknowable of the human conscious. Skinner and Watson are the fathers of behaviorism.

What is the difference between psychoanalytic and behaviorism?

psychoanalysis criticises behaviourism, psychoanalysis does not take into account free will. Behaviourists focus on external observable behaviour. Behaviorism deals with that which can be observed and proven Behavior can only be seen. Freud rejects the idea that people are born with a blank slate and states that people are born with instincts. Psychoanalysis seeks to understand the human subconscious, thoughts feelings and dreams etc. Behaviorism is more scientific

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