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The story, Phoebe the spy, is all about a 13 year old girl. Her name is Phoebe Fraunces. Her father, Samuel Fraunces, asks Phoebe to be a spy. Samuel had heard rumors that someone had a plot to kill General George Washington. All that Samuel knew was about the plot and that the killer's name began with the letter T. So, Phoebe travels to General's home. She pertended to be a maid. 2 very important people in the story, Pompey and the cook, greet Phoebe at the door. After about two months serving as a maid, Phoebe hears big news from her father while she is at the lake or ocean. She meets her father everyday at the market, to inform him of any weird behaviors at General George Washington's home. Her father told Phoebe that there was three or less days until this killer would attack General George Washington. When Phoebe returns to the house, she talks to Mr. Hickey,a supposed "friend" of the family when he brings in some peas. Those peas were sort of out of season. Then Hickey asks for George's dinner plate that is filled with peas. So, Phoebe gives him the plate, only so he could sprinkle something that looked like salt on them. Then Phoebe hears somebody call Mr. Hickey by the name Thomas. And that is when it all stared to click to Phoebe. the name that began with T, the salt, which was actually was poison, it all came together! That's actually a true thing that happened in real life, too. George already had his plate with the peas, or so Phoebe thought. But, right when George was about to eat, Phoebe started to throw the peas containing poison out the window to the chickens. One after another, they slowly slumped to the ground until they were dead. Then everybody believed her that there was poison on the peas. So, Phoebe had saved General Washington's life. And that is how the story, Phoebe the Spy, goes

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"Phoebe the Spy" is a historical fiction novel by Judith Berry Griffin. The story follows Phoebe, a young girl living in New York City during the American Revolutionary War, who becomes a spy for General George Washington. Through Phoebe's eyes, readers get a glimpse of the struggles and sacrifices made by ordinary people during wartime. The book highlights themes of courage, loyalty, and the importance of taking a stand for what you believe in.

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Q: A summary of the book phoebe the spy?
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