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Flaming sword, I believe.

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Q: Adam and Eve were banished from the garden after eating from the tree of knowledge the angel barring the gate was holding a what?
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What one prohibition did God give to Adam in Genesis 2?

all he asked adam not to do was eat the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. after eating the knowledge of good and evil fruit adam was banished from the garden along with eve who also ate the fruit.

What does the tree of knowledge represent?

In Christian theology, the Tree of Knowledge represents the fruit that Adam and Eve were forbidden to eat in the Garden of Eden. By disobeying God and eating from this tree, they gained knowledge of good and evil and were subsequently banished from paradise.

Did Adam die when Adam eated the apples?

No. He, along with Eve, got banished from the Garden of Eden for eating the apples.

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What was the consequence for Eve eating from the tree of knowledge?


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by eating the forbidden fruit[i guess..]:]

Who was the thing that tricked eve into eating from the tree of knowledge?

It was Satan, the Devil, he was disguised as a serpent.

Did Adam know he was eating the fruit from the tree of knowledge?

Yes, Adam was aware that he was eating the fruit from the tree of knowledge. God had specifically instructed him and Eve not to eat from that tree, so they knew they were disobeying God's command when they ate the fruit.

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