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Christians believe you can get to heaven only through Christ because that is the path that God provided. Buddhists believe in re-incarnation.

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Q: What are the similarities between the beliefs about life after death in christianity and buddhism?
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What are the similarities between the religions Christianity Buddhism and Taoism?

They are all lies

What are the similarities between an ethnic group and a religious group?

Same religion ( Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism,Hinduism, and Islam

What are the differences between Buddhism and Christianity beliefs about the environment?

Neither the Buddha nor Jesus taught any specific beliefs about the environment, as it was not an issue during their lifetimes.

Are there similarities between Buddhism and jehovahs witnesses?


What are the similarities between Christianity Judaism Hinduism Buddhism and Islam?

They are all religionsThey are all older than 1300 yearsThey all encourage good behavior and frown on bad behaviorOtherwise, there are NO similarities between all five of these religions.

Is there any similarities between Jewish and Christianity?

No they are different.

Is Buddhism considered Christianity?

No, they are 2 separate and distinct religions. Buddhism is centred upon the Buddha, & an offshoot religion of Hinduism, while Christianity is centred upon Christ & is an offshoot of Judaism.

What are the similarities in birth ceremonies between Islam and Christianity?

the similarities are they both get cleaned and their sins get washed away .

What are some similarities between Islam and Buddhism as a mechanism of culture change?

Shino is cool

What are the dialogues between Buddhism and Christianity?

Buddhists and true Christians have no common ground.

What are some of the simularities between Hinduism and Buddhism?

Hinduism AND Buddhism have many similarities. Such as concept of Moksha (liberation) or Nirvana (Liberation) via meditation.

What are the simmilarities between the religions Hinduism Buddhism and Christianity?

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