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Q: What do ethics stand for?
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What Do you think makes a Hero Noble?

. . . one who can stand above situational ethics and choose the Moral Imperative : Altruism .

What does BPE stand for?

BPE stands for beliefs philosophy and ethics another way to pronounce it would be religious education.

What is the difference between ethics and little ethics?

Regular ethics are the science of morals, and morals or little ethics are guidelines of ethics.

What are types of ethics?

knowing what is right and wrong. Example, the use of lead paint on children's toys is unethical from a business stand point. And allowing them to be shipped to your Country is an example of unethical social acceptance of a controlling unethical Government.

What does the abbreviation DVA stand for?

DVA can be the abbreviation of quite a few things. One could be the Department of Virginia Affairs, which is a group that follows Virginia's politicians and their ethics.

What is universal ethics?


What does a company code of ethics cover?

Ethics and the law

What is the three subsections of philosophical ethics?

Normative ethics, metaethics, and applied ethics

What has the author Mary Beth Ingham written?

Mary Beth Ingham has written: 'The harmony of goodness' -- subject- s -: Medieval Ethics, Ethics, Christian ethics, History 'The harmony of goodness' -- subject- s -: Christian ethics, Ethics, Ethics, Medieval, History, Medieval Ethics

What is environmental ethics?

Environmental ethics is the application of ethics to human relationships with the environment. Like all ethics, it is influenced by a person's worldview.

What has the author W R Sorley written?

W. R. Sorley has written: 'A history of English philosophy' -- subject(s): English Philosophy, History 'The ethics of naturalism' -- subject(s): Ethics, Evolutionary Ethics 'Recent tendencies in ethics' -- subject(s): Ethics 'On the ethics of naturalism' -- subject(s): Ethics, Evolutionary Ethics

How do you differentiate between personal ethics and professional ethics?

First AnswerI think there is no difference. Either a person is ethical and makes ethical choices or they are not.AnswerPersonal ethics are the code of values one holds in everyday life. Professional ethics is the suspension of these for pay (e.g., a public health nurse, opposed to contraception, promotes condom use as a condition of her job).AnswerProfessional ethics, such as honesty, responsibility, and reliability are very much the same as personal ethics; I personally don't differentiate. Where personal and professional ethics may differentiate is when ethics that arise in a professional setting that normally don't occur in a personal setting. The example of a professional nurse who is personally opposed to birth control is required to promote use of condoms is no different that an employee required to assist an employer cheating on their taxes; either you give up you personal ethics to do the job (in other words, conveniently no longer hold those ethics), or you stand by your personal ethics and must find other employment (stand by your ethics). Such professional ethical decisions won't normally be encountered in personal life because if you hold these ethical principals, the question of what you will choose doesn't occur. If your personal ethics don't transfer to your professional life, then you don't really have those ethics; ethics aren't a matter of convenience.Personal ethics held and applied in your personal life do regularly come up in your professional setting with regard to how you treat the people in the professional setting. Again, if you don't use those ethics in your professional life, then you don't really have those ethics.