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It means to take something into consideration. For example, I could say that I will have $10,000 in my savings account after my yearly bonus check has been "accounted for."

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Q: What does it mean to account for something?
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Which is correct the affected account or the effected account?

Affected account Affect mean something made it happenEffect means something already happen

What does it mean if your account is debited?

It simply can mean anything. If its a personal account it means I received something. If its a Real Account then that means that an asset has increased. etc etc etc....

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What does signatory mean on a checking account?

Signatory means that the person who owns the checking account has signed something linked to the checking account. This could be a document or a check.

What does POW mean on a bank statement in respect to credit on the account?

power of something i think its wealth

What does the idiom 'take into account' mean?

It's not really an idiom - "to account" is to tally up, add together, or count everything, so if you take something into account, you're adding the information into the whole.

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Something that happens before the main event. Atleast that's what I've been told.

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The term something could mean almost anything that was part of the account. I believe you can you use the same name or address or email. If you are talking downloads those that are in the console can be used, but you can not get your trophy information to the new account nor can you transfer your purchase history or download capability without a repurchase. The question needs to be asked again with a precise request instead of the word something

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