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Umrah word is derived from the arabic word "Itimaat" which meaning is "visit". In Umrah Muslim pilgrims visit the Holy city of Makkah where they perform some steps, 1. Ihram. 2. Tawaaf. 3. Sa'ee. 4. Shaving Head/Trimming Hairs.

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Q: What is Umrah?
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Is it righgt time to perform umrah in Ramadan?

Yes. It is more reward able to perform umrah in the month of Ramadan

Is it obligatory to shave your head after umrah?

Actually I think it's you have to shave you head before going to Umrah and it is obligatory.

What is the religious journey to mecca?

hajj or umrah

Excellence of performing 'umrah in the month of Ramadan?

There are high merit and excellence of this Sunnah and when one performs Umrah in the month of Ramadan

When did umrah starts after hajj?

2 days ago

How do you write leave for Umrah?

I wish to request for XX days days leave to perfrom Umrah. In case I have to stay longer then I am prepared to take no-pay leave subject to your approval.

Why do they wear a irham in makkah?

Only Hajis (pilgrims) put on Ihram while performing Umrah or Hajj. After completing Umrah or Hajj, the pilgrims put off Ihram and wear normal routine clothes.

Why go to makkah?

To perform Umrah, Hajj or offer prayer in the Haram-i-Pak.

How do you get free umrah tickets?

what you could do is enter a competition and win p=one

Why is umrah recommended?

It is recommended to refresh your beliefs and to earn the blessings of Almighty Allah.

How do you get umrah tickets for free?

what you could do is enter a competition and win p=one

What chloves do they need to bring to hajj?

Two white untailored sheets of cloth are required to put on during Hajj and Umrah. But after completing Umrah or hajj, the pilgrims put on routine clothes while performing Tawaf and saying prayers.