What is bramha?

Updated: 11/14/2022
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accrding to hindu mythology brahma is the almighty that creates the world.. he is the progenitor of human beings.

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Q: What is bramha?
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Who is Mr BRAMHA?

BRAHMA, not BRAMHA is a creator in the Hindu Mythology

What has the author Ram Bramha Sanyal written?

Ram Bramha Sanyal has written: 'Hours with nature' -- subject(s): Natural history

Where is bramha mandir?

at pushkar,rajasthan,india

Who is the Hindu God known as the creator?

Hindu god who is called as creator is Bramha but the first mother of the earth is "Adiparashakthi" , she is the one who created bramha,vishnu and shiva.

Who came first- Krishna Siva or Bramha?


Who is wife of bramha?

Goddess Saraswathi is the wife of Brahma. She is the goddess of education.

Why do hindus worship sarswati?

She is wife of Bramha and godess of Knowledge and Wisdom

Who are the tri murti?

The Trimurti is the divine trinity of Bramha (the creator), Vishnu (the protector), and Mahesh (shiva)(the destroyer).

Is shiva a creator according to Hinduism Belief?

Actually, Shiva is the destroyer, with Bramha being the Creator and Vishnu being the Protector.

What is an ascetic or sage called in Hinduism?

Lord Bramha, Lord Vishnu, Lord ShivaSwami

Is bramha mandir only in pushkar?

bramha mandir only in pushkar. यूं तो यह पूरा जगत ही उनका मंदिर है

Who is bramha gupta?

Brahma Gupta (598-668 AD) was an Indian mathematician. He wrote several books like the famous 'Brahmasphutasiddhanta'.