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Mythology is about Greek mythology.

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Q: What is the book Mythology about?
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Who are the Goddesses in the book Mythology?

Who were ALL of the Goddesses in the book Mythology?

What has the author E M Berens written?

E. M. Berens has written: 'A hand-book of mythology' -- subject(s): Classical Mythology, Mythology, Classical 'A hand-book of mythology' -- subject(s): Classical Mythology, Mythology, Classical 'A handbook of mythology' -- subject(s): Classical Mythology 'A hand-book of mythology' -- subject(s): Accessible book, Classical Mythology

What is a book that tells about the Amazon warriors in Greek mythology?

The Everything Classic Mythology book by Lesley Bolton or the Dictionary of Mythology by Bergen Evans.

What has the author Jeanie Lang written?

Jeanie Lang has written: 'A book of myths' -- subject(s): Accessible book, Greek Mythology, Mythology

Where is the mythology key hidden?

book room in a pirate book at the end of it

What mythology book talks about gorgon?


What is the holy book of Greek mythology?

There is not one.

What does Jason do to Medea in the mythology book?

He betrays her.

Which famous comic book is based on Norse mythology?

Marvel Comics produced multiple comics with Norse Mythology in it.

Who in mythology was raised by bears?

I'm not sure if "The Jungle Book' rates as mythology but Mowgli had a tutor in a bear named Baloo.

Is the last Olympian fiction or nonfiction why?

It is fiction, even though the gods mentioned in the book were real gods in Greek mythology, and some of the stories in the book are similar to ones in Greek mythology.

What is about the creation story from luzon?

It is a book on mythology nothing true in it.