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The underground church's name is Temppeliaukio Kirkk meaning rock church.

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Q: What is the name of the underground church in Helsinki?
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When was Helsinki Old Church created?

Helsinki Old Church was created in 1826.

What is the Swedish name for Helsinki?

Helsinki? Helsinki is English, it is also Swedish. Helsinki is just Swedish. Swedish: Helsinki.

What is the name of Helsinki's largest airport?

Helsinki Airport.

Is Joidi Rell a Democrat?

No, Joidi is an underground hiphop producer from Konala, Helsinki, Finland

What is the name of the capital in Finland?


What is the name of the Helsinki Finland bird?

Not sure about Helsinki but the national bird of Finland is the Whooper Swan.

What are famous physical features in Finland?

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What is the name of the European country that receives a large percentage of its imports through the port of Helsinki?

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Which historical church was used as pathway for the underground railroad connection in Detroit?

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What is the capital of Helsinki?

Helsinki is a city not a country. Helsinki is the capital of Finland. So, therefore, there is not a capital of Helsinki.

What are some good tourist sites in Helsinki?

Helsinkin, the capital of Finland is one of the finest tourist destinations in the world. The Suomenlinna Sea Fortress is one of the most visited spots in this city. It is a 250 year old fortress that is still use today as a garrison town and naval base. Another tourist spot in Helsinkin is the rock-carved underground church with cooper dome known as Temppeliaykion Church.