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Q: What was the most important feature of education in Muslim West Africa?
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What was most important feature of education in Muslim west Africa?


What influenced mansa musa?

Muslim religion and Education. Traditional religions of Africa.

When was Africa Muslim Party created?

Africa Muslim Party was created in 1994.

When was National Muslim Education Council created?

National Muslim Education Council was created in 1978.

How did muslim rulers in africa justify slavery?

Muslim in Africa were big in slavery. Muslims in Africa would trade females to slavery.

What countries in africa are muslim countries?

Africa is a continent, not a country. But yes, there are several countries within Africa that have large Muslim populations.

Is booba a Muslim?

yes booba is a Muslim .bcause he is born in Africa and 3/4 of the population in Africa are Muslim . its obvious dat booba is one too.

What is the dominant religion in north Africa?

The Dominant Religion in North Africa is Muslim. It is not 100% Muslim but about 80%. The language is Arabic

Which region in Africa is predominantly Muslim?

Northern and North Eastern Africa

What kind of Muslim influences were there in Africa?

muslimnitcitlyictly is the study of Muslim influences. look it up.

What two parts of Africa has huge Muslim populations?

North and East of Africa,

What is Salfia Muslim Institute's motto?

The motto of Salfia Muslim Institute is 'Islam in Education'.